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On twitter this pm is a not unexpected, but rather interesting looking opportunity for those who are confident about their leadership abilities.

Follow a couple of links and you end up at a dedicated website called http://www.basdirector.co.uk/index.html

It does have a nice header: BAS Diirector WWW site

I know what you are thinking, Ā£95k sounds pretty good, but what would you have to do for it?

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[This is a post bringing together things I have done elsewhere whilst learning how to use this platform.]

I am a huge fan of the Natural Environment Research Council, and used to work for the British Antarctic Survey. It is a fact that in the UK at the moment the community has some very tough funding decisions to make.

NERC decided to investigateĀ  saving money through a possible merger of the National Oceanography Centre and BAS.Ā  It is fair to say thatĀ  this was not so well recieved.

Observer news story
The story in the Observer

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