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This is a MODIS image from 2004, but it's too good not to post here.

Iceberg A38 at South Georgia 12 April 2004
Iceberg A38 at South Georgia 12 April 2004

I'm giving a talk tonight for the South Georgia Association called Giant Icebergs and South Georgia, so I'm wandering through a lot of these images at the moment.

South Georgia is a small island approximately 190 x 30 km within the Antarctic Circumpolar Current in the South Atlantic. It has a continental shelf that extends more than 50 km from the coast with average depth ~200 m, although there are deeper submarine canyons.

A38 is about 300 Gt in mass, so it's really significant. The work I was doing on this was picked up in 2010 by the BBC in a story called Giant icebergs head to watery end at island graveyard.