My twitter archive

This post starts with that carboncounter_ fellow. He tweeted last night:

I said I had and that I was impressed with how easy it was. To my surprise a couple of people chimed in they hadn't got theirs or that they didn't know it was happening.

my understanding is that they are rolling it out to everyone, but I thought I would do a couple of screen grabs to show what's coming for those who haven't yet.

Twitter settings menu









First on the WWW interface look in settings.

At the bottom where I have highlighted.

Download archive








Then at the very bottom is a link for your twitter archive.

I clicked it and in about 10 minutes got sent an email with a link in.

Email from twitter


Clicking the link downloaded a 2 Mb zip file which when unzipped created a file structure like this.

archive  file structureAnd when you click on the index page you open a browser window to get this:

Twitter archive html pageAnd this shows the point yesterday where I clicked the original link. We have a main window on the left, and on the right, links to monthly sections. My busiest month was July 2012 when I had 827 tweets. Not sure what I think about that.

And so my first tweet: Almost two years ago -

First tweet

Although the shortened web address doesn't show up as a link, it is still "live". And why did I go onto twitter in Jan 2011? I went to AGU Fall conference in 2010 and was was impressed by a couple of the social media enthusiasts I spoke to. And that is that.

One thing I do like is that it embeds the pictures you posted as well. For example in May 2012 I posted this


WI Cake

It is a picture of an enormous cake the very generous Stroud Green WI made me for giving a talk.