Videos of Mark Brandon

In this day and age we seem to leave lots of digital footprints around the internet. I intend put all the videos I find on this page.

This is my inaugural lecture in 2018. Here is the official landing page.

This is a link to my speech at an event at COP26 Glasgow (November 2021) called Ancient Knowledge and Modern Thinking: Climate Perspectives in Folk Art. I spoke about a beautiful Inuit sculpture from Nunavut, along with the climate and climate change in Northern Canada.

This is the link to an online event I chaired at the British Museum called An Introduction to the Arctic. It can only be viewed on YouTube.

Introduction to the Arctic

In 2013 I gave a talk at TEDxSouthampton

In 2014 I was in a short film made by the Royal Institution as part of their ExpeRimental campaign to encourage families to explore science.

There is a nice article by the director Alom Shaha which explains the ExpeRimental Project.

Here is an interview I did for BBC News on 6 January 2017 about the imminent Larsen C Iceberg.