Most Innovative Teacher of the Year Citation

This is the Official Citation for the Times Higher Education Most Innovative Teacher of the year

Receiving the Most Innovative Teacher of the Year Award.  
From L-R David Walliams, Me, Professor David Gibson, and Professor Craig Mahoney

Most Innovative Teacher of the Year

Mark Brandon, The Open University

Mark Brandon has worked alongside Sir David Attenborough as principal scientific adviser for the Bafta award winning BBC television series Frozen Planet, written the most popular study unit ever on The Open University’s OpenLearn website and given a sell-out presentation at the 2012 Cheltenham Science Festival.

Researching and teaching about the polar regions is Dr Brandon’s passion, and his innovative approach to teaching has inspired students to break Open University registration records to get a place on his course.

Work on the Frozen Planet documentaries convinced Dr Brandon that inspirational, imaginative and accessible teaching material about polar science could reach a large audience. His undergraduate course, The Frozen Planet, is accompanied by a book, online teaching activities and exclusive film clips of him teaching science in the Arctic.

Dr Brandon has sparked an interest in polar geography in thousands of pupils with his talks in schools. Indeed, with visitors to the ancillary website approaching half a million and 15,000 people worldwide having read the first chapter of his book online, Dr Brandon’s innovative approach has led to people across the spectrum taking up the study of the Arctic and the Antarctic.

Craig Mahoney, chief executive of the Higher Education Academy and one of the awards judges, said: “The metrics associated with student registrations, viewer interest, resource development, testimonial support, student feedback and a sustained commitment from The Open University, make Mark an outstanding choice.”

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