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Discovery sails away
RRS Discovery en-route to disposal after a 50 year career in marince science,
Photo taken by Andrew Yool. NOC.

Life at sea is hard to compare with the home quotidian because colleagues, work, dinner, pub, TV, laundry, bed, labs, computers are continually present within the same hundred feet and few decks of space.  It can be quite intense, especially when the vagaries of the environment are included:  wind and sea, icebergs, aurorae, gulls, whales, seals.  Often the port calls lend an exoticism verging on glamour to the unlikeliest places, such as Wallsend, Cardiff or Fairlie, although Reykjavik, Tromsø, Cape Town and Rothera (for example) are more dramatic.  A six- or seven-week expedition can seem like it will never end.

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