Iceberg A38 at South Georgia in 2004

This is a MODIS image from 2004, but it's too good not to post here.

Iceberg A38 at South Georgia 12 April 2004
Iceberg A38 at South Georgia 12 April 2004

I'm giving a talk tonight for the South Georgia Association called Giant Icebergs and South Georgia, so I'm wandering through a lot of these images at the moment.

South Georgia is a small island approximately 190 x 30 km within the Antarctic Circumpolar Current in the South Atlantic. It has a continental shelf that extends more than 50 km from the coast with average depth ~200 m, although there are deeper submarine canyons.

A38 is about 300 Gt in mass, so it's really significant. The work I was doing on this was picked up in 2010 by the BBC in a story called Giant icebergs head to watery end at island graveyard.

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  1. Mark, the cataclysm known as Eltanin included colossal tsunami waves, traveling at hundreds of km per hour, as they shoved huge icebergs into the regions of South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, etc. Speculation on when this decimation occurred is unnecessary - because the exact date is documented by a ship captain who barely survived it - he described in graphic detail the horrors - his report is corroborated by dozens of others in over a dozen languages.

    After studying chemistry and physics, geological anomalies and cataclysms for decades, I found the dates for all the major cataclysms in historic records - this includes the eruption of dozens of supervolcanoes, the cataclysms known as Eltanin, Nuuanu, the Siberian and Deccan Traps, etc. None of those cataclysms happened millions of years ago, none of the cataclysms happened hundreds of thousands of years ago and none of them happened thousands of years ago - they are documented by numerous witnesses. The geological timeline is guesswork - based on unsubstantiated nonsense while historic documents lay out the timeline in - you're free to believe what you want. Studying the records takes time and dedication but anyone with the desire to know the truth can have it.


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